Eastern Chillout | Greek and Eastern Restaurant in Salisbury

Eastern Chillout | Greek and Eastern Restaurant in Salisbury Eastern Chillout | Greek and Eastern Restaurant in Salisbury Eastern Chillout | Greek and Eastern Restaurant in Salisbury Eastern Chillout | Greek and Eastern Restaurant in Salisbury Eastern Chillout | Greek and Eastern Restaurant in Salisbury

Eastern Chillout Menu

NEW FOR 2016


Vegetarian Cold Tapas
£3.50 each or 2 for £6

Sun dried Tomatoes , Feta cheese roasted red peppers, mint & chilli

Turkish Yoghurt, mint & Cucumber

Carrot Tarator
Glazed carrot, tahini & Greek Strained yoghurt

Red Pepper Dip
Red pepper paste , walnut & Pomegranete molasses

Classic Humus
Chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, & garlic

Humus with nuts
Roasted pine nut & cumin Seeds

Roasted aubergine, roasted red Pepper, tahini, Turkish yoghurt, sumac

Tabuleh Salad
Finely chopped; parsley, onion, Tomatoes & bulgur wheat

Rice & pine nut stuffed vine leaf rolls

Marinated in lemon & oregano

Feta Cheese
Cubes of feta with herbs

Vegetarian Hot Tapas
£4 each or 2 for £7

Fried patties made from chickpeas,fava beans, garlic, parsley, lemon

Feta Borek
Spring roll pastry with feta cheese

Courgette Fritters
Courgette, spinach, carrot, egg

Grilled Hallumi
Grilled Halloumi with mix salad

Potatoes kofteh
Potatoes, sumac, barberies, cumin

each or 2 for £8

Icli Kofte
Bulghur cases stuffed with mince and walnut

Sucuk Kebab
Turkish garlic lamb & beef sausage

Mini Chicken Kebab
Our house marinated skewers

Biber Dolma
Delicious whole pepper stuffed with mince

Chicken wings
Marinated Chicken wings on charcoal grill

Midye Tava
Fried Battered Mussel meat on skewers

Fried marinated calamari with tartare sauce

All served with our house rice

Sac Kavurma £12
Juicy lamb saute with tomatoes peppers & mushrooms

Mutancana £13
Lamb tagine with mixed dry fruit & almonds

Sultan’s Delight £12.50
Sumptuous cubed lamb stew mashed, smoked aubergine and cheese

Fesenjan e khoresh £12.50
Classic Persion dish. Delicious stew of bone-in chicken with walnuts Pomegranate syrup, sweet,sour,nutty

Almond Rice Chicken £12
Chicken breast seared with almonds on a bed of apricot & almond rice Served with cream

Chicken Iskender £12.50
Juicy Chicken with Iskender Sauce

Mackerel Samaka Hara £11
Mackarel fillets pan- fried with spicy tahini & lemon & coriander


Vegetarian Iskender
Sauteed with crunchy bread & garlic yoghurt sauce

Kabak Kalyasi
Courgette stuffed with chickpea & vegetables with a tangy cherry tarragon sauce


classic dessert with filo pastry, nuts

Turkish Delight
cubes flavoured with nuts,rose

Vermicelli cake with syrup & melted mozarella

Baked Turkish rice pudding with fig pieces

Classic Turkish cuisine to enjoy.....

Chicken Kebab £11
Succulent marinated chicken pieces

Lamb Shish Kebab £12.50
Marinated lamb served with grilled vegetables

Kofte £11.50
Spiced, mixed lamb & beef meatballs with tahini sauce

Fish of Day £12.00
Sea-bass or Sea-Bream

Vegetarian grill £10
seasonal vegetables & halloumi

EASTERN GRILL FEAST for 2 £34.50 to share
Chicken wings + Kofte + Chicken Shish + Garlic Sausage + Lamb Chops. Includes 1 glass of wine or 1 bottle of beer each
(add another person for £17.25 if you like)

The best way to sample our menu....

Too much to choose from on the tapas page? try a bit of everything! Just £15 per person (3courses)

TURKISH DELIGHTS £20 per person
Tapas/Meze plate with our best 8 cold starters followed by a selection of hot starters with choice of main courses: Chicken Kebab or Lamb Saute or Vegetarian Iskender followed by dessert

ARABIAN NIGHTS £25 per person
Tapas/Meze plate with our best cold starters followed by a selection of hot starters with choice of main courses: Almond rice Chicken or Mutancana Lamb or Makloubeh vegetarian risotto with almonds followed by dessert & mahlep Turkish dessert wine

Lunchtime Special

£10 per head available every day Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 2.30pm

Enjoy a lovely selection of our meze followed by chargrilled chicken kebab or vegetable iskender for just £10 per head. In the winter we will also serve you a bowl of homemade soup included in this deal so you can really warm-up!

Hot Drinks

Cay (Chai)
A delicately steam brewed leaf tea, served in a crystal tea glass with or without lemon.

An ancient drink from a very rare plant that only grows in the Anatolian plateaus with a taste similar to vanilla & cinnamon relaxing & warming truly addictive a pudding in drink form.

Turkish Coffee
Extrafine ground Turkish coffee is cooked to order with the grounds still in the cup, so don't drink to the bottom! The smell of it cooking is truly evokative of the Middle East where at one time Hashish was allowed but Coffee drinking banned.... now it is a firm favourite with all countries across the Balkans & Middle-East and like it's Italian counterpart is a small, quick & effective pick-me-up please say if you would like sweetened or unsweetened.

Flavoured Turkish Coffee
We have worked carefully with our suppliers to bring you a variety of delicious flavoured Turkish coffee

Ask for other flavours
Also available to buy in packets with special coffee pots to cook at home

Moroccan Mint Tea
Brewed fresh mint leaves with Oolong tea digestive aid and palette cleanser. please say you would like sweetened or unsweetened.



Hot Chocolate

Cold Drinks

At Eastern Chillout we do serve alcohol & you can see our seperate list, but we also want to share with you some of the delightful drinks that have refreshed the Eastern world who generally don’t drink alcohol.

Gul Serbet (Rose Sherbert)
An opulently rich crimson drink made with hibiscus and rose to calm & revive - packed with vitamin C - sweetened or unsweetened. available.

Ayran (Salted Yoghurt)
An extraordinarily refreshing drink that goes particularly well with meat dishes as it increases the digestive lactic acid within the gullet.

Visne Serbet (Sour Cherry Sherbert)
A gain a rich red drink that cleanses & fortifes the blood.

Mineral Water

Cola/Diet Cola

Fresh Orange Juice

Apple Juice

Cranberry Juice

Ask for any specials